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Our renowned team

3.   Марина с лопаткой с обрезкой книжной.jpg

We welcome and highly encourage you to visit in-person our shop in Moscow and see and discover for yourself the wide selection of top-quality natural honey and bee products we sell.

Our team of experts will gladly assist you in selecting the most suitable products for your personal taste.

Our long-standing reputation

The Honey Shop's director (left) and Yuriy Luzhkov's Son - The Honey Shop, Moscow ©.jpeg
Yuriy Luzhkov - The Honey Shop, Moscow ©.jpg

All Muscovites ↗︎ know our team and our honey store, directly or indirectly.


We, in 1992, were the first in Moscow and Russia to begin the civilized trading of Russian honey at a time when others were selling foreign sweets.

We promote and support Russia's beekeeping industry and sell top-quality natural honey and bee products.

We have had the mayor of Moscow - Yury Luzhkov ↗︎ and his son, who were very interested in beekeeping (please see the photos above).

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